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Choosing the best builder for your new home construction is a serious task. You want to find a contractor with experience that keeps your needs in mind while staying on budget. They must give you peace of mind and trust throughout the process. As you work together during the construction process, they should offer you feedback and regular updates. They need to make you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts. While there are a plethora of Waukesha new home builders, there is one that consistently stands apart from the rest in all these areas. This is why residents of the area trust Jewell Homes, Inc. 

Who We Are

Jewell Homes, one of the premier Waukesha new home builders, built our foundation on the idea of the five-star treatment. When you invest in building your new custom home with Jewell Homes, your experience is as customized as your home. From the initial consultation to the day you move in, you always work directly with a team member of Jewell Homes. We prioritize your needs and give you our full attention. 

The goal of our five-star treatment is to make the home-building process stress-free for our clients. By standing firm on a foundation of integrity and honesty, we know you will be satisfied with your entire custom home-building experience. 

Impeccable Reputation

Jewell Homes, Inc. earned our widespread reputation for being one of the best Waukesha new home builders. Jewell Homes is a family-owned business that allows you to work directly with the owners. Our company was started because we wanted to build our dream home and found the industry full of overpriced companies lacking customer service. Since then, it has been our mission to hire the best staff. Because we employ the most experienced and qualified Waukesha new home builders and designers in all of southeastern Wisconsin, you never have to question whether or not we’re available to you. We pride ourselves on knowing that we aren’t just designing and constructing your dream home; we strive to give you a complete dream home-building experience. 

Industry-Leading Incentives

As part of our five-star treatment, we only use the highest quality building materials and extend superior craftsmanship in each and every home. We believe so much in our abilities that we provide unparalleled warranties on our workmanship and products. Jewell Homes wants your home to be an investment. To get you the biggest return on your investment, we build energy-efficient homes. 

While other Waukesha new home builders may present you with unrealistically low estimates for your initial cost, Jewell Home offers all-inclusive pricing. Hence, there are no surprising hidden costs along the way. You read that correctly! Our pricing estimates cover everything in your home, including the heating and cooling systems, cabinetry, electrical, countertops, flooring, fixtures, and construction. Projects that some home builders don’t make allowances for, such as sewer, gravel, and grading, are also part of our all-inclusive pricing. We understand your budget limitations and promise to give you an honest price upfront. 

Versatile Home Designs

Our detail-orientated home design process lets you rest assured that every aspect of your new home is considered. We take our time discussing every component to ensure nothing is missed during the planning stages. This allows us to be sure your opinions are respected and your selections are flawlessly implemented. If you’re unsure of certain parts of your home or undecided on any design element, our knowledgeable crew will help you determine the best choice for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a ranch-style home or a two-story floor plan, our custom home-building team is dedicated to giving you the perfect home. We offer base model homes to help showcase your options when building with Jewell Homes. We also customize each home to perfectly compliment your way of life. We encourage you to take a look at our custom home builders photo gallery to get started! 

State-of-the-Art Technology and Processes

As a new home building client, we understand that you demand quality. Your home’s design, layout, and functionality need to be timeless, convenient, and comfortable now and for many years to come. To make sure this is the case and to keep your home fresh and inviting, we install products made by the building industry’s most trusted manufacturers. We only use the most reliable brands for all elements of your new home. Our employees stay up-to-date on the most effective construction techniques and continue their education about the latest technological advances in home design and products. The pride we take in creating a stable, long-lasting home full of beauty is mirrored by the construction partners we choose to work alongside. 

One technological service we are thrilled to share with our clients is Co-Construct. This software allows us to manage the entire building process from consultation to warranty, keep our customers and team updated on the latest information, and show a variety of templates that show you a scale model of your new home. Co-Construct helps us give you the best possible experience by letting you keep track of every aspect of your home-building project. Every detail is at your fingertips in one place. Co-Construct allows you to share photos and files, track the activity on your job site, coordinate scheduling with our construction team, track expenses, make change orders, control finances, and communicate directly with our staff. Because of our partnership with Co-Construct, all of the important aspects of your new home construction project are streamlined, giving you the best possible experience. 

Start Building Your Forever Home

From concept to completion, Jewell Homes is here for you. Contact one of our experts today to begin your new home-building journey!