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Top Rated Home Builders in Wisconsin

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Top Rated Home Builders in Wisconsin

Best Southeastern Wisconsin Home Builders

You and your spouse have been saving for your dream home for quite a while. You’ve started looking at older homes in different neighborhoods but haven’t seen anything you both like. You haven’t found any houses that match your taste and/or your lifestyle. Or maybe you don’t like that it’s on a busy street. So now what? Should you hire someone to build a house just for you? Yes, you should!

Once you decide to build a custom home, the next question is also an important one: Who should you hire? There are many top-rated home builders in Wisconsin. Which builder is the best choice for you?

Depending on what you want, many homebuilders can deliver a good finished product. However, choosing one of the top-rated home builders in Wisconsin is essential. You have to find the right home builder for your project because, once the process has begun, there are no “do-overs.”

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The Price of a Custom Home

Potential customers often expect that a custom home’s cost will be higher than simply buying a current, older home. However, the cost of either type of home depends on several things: what neighborhood the house is located in, the materials and finishes (i.e., granite vs. Formica, carpet vs. wood floors, tile vs. vinyl, etc.), whether the older home needs remodeling and updating and, of course, the overall size of the structure.

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Additionally, many people associate only large, expensive mansions with home builders and contractors. However, a custom home can be anything from an elaborate and multi-story manor to a quaint cottage. The final product will be designed around your lifestyle and family – that’s why it’s custom.

An important difference to remember, too, is when you’re building a custom home, you have almost limitless selections. You need to decide if you want stainless steel or white appliances. You have to choose between contemporary or traditional cabinetry, painted or stained. You must know how many bathrooms and bedrooms you need, etc. The only restrictions you have are your budget, building codes, and imagination for all these selections.

Hire a top-rated home builder if designing and creating a home is an exciting prospect for you. If you’ve been saving ideas from websites, magazines, and television shows, and can’t wait to get started on your dream home, then you want a custom builder.


What Qualities Make the Best Home Builders?

How many choices you want to make regarding the type of cabinetry, flooring, paint colors, counters, etc., will help you determine which home builder to hire. Many custom builders grant their clients a great deal of leeway as to what personal touches they can add; others offer fewer choices.

Top-rated home builders will give their customers a wide range of floorplans and many one-of-a-kind design choices. They build a house to their client’s specifications and won’t duplicate architectural features on other homes nearby. They often have an interior designer on staff to help with the myriad of choices.

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However, some home builders present a smaller selection of floor plans and building styles with a more limited number of options to choose from.

How many choices you want to make during the construction process is the first step in narrowing down the list as to which custom home builder to hire.

More Features and Benefits

As explained, a truly top-rated custom home builder generally has no pre-defined menus or limits. These home builders can help you locate the perfect plot of land for your dream home or construct a house on a lot you already own.

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Additionally, their clients have the opportunity to create a floor plan from scratch, choose a floor plan from one the builder has, or start with the builder’s floor plan and make changes. The client decides most of the details and works closely with the architect to create a plan that will, for example, work around existing trees on your lot, add another bedroom, locate windows to take advantage of the best views, expand entertaining areas, etc.

When working with top-rated home builders, clients are involved in the entire process, making most of the design decisions and choosing products within a set budget in several categories. With these builders, there may be no limit to what you can do.


Other Types of Home Builders

If you prefer, other home builders make things a bit simpler. These builders generally have a handful of house plans to choose from, and clients only need to select a few products.

For example, by adding gables, moving the windows, or changing the front porch’s size, a house can be made to look different from the others in the neighborhood. The house can also be customized using different wood, brick, vinyl siding, or stone on the exterior.


Choosing the Best Home Builder

To narrow down your search, first talk with friends and co-workers who have built a home within the last five years. Ask them what the process was like, if they would work with that builder again, if you can see the inside of their home to look at the construction, etc.

If you have an opportunity, tour some builders’ model homes. This will give you a greater understanding of how new homes look and feel and whether it’s what you want. It’s the perfect way to get a look at your future.

Additionally, take a drive through new neighborhoods and take note of the houses being built. Get the names of the builders. Once you have a potential builder list, look them up online to read reviews, check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for the builder’s grade, and study the builder’s website. See if they belong to the local or State Builders Association.

The next step is to make some calls and interview the builder personally. Are you comfortable talking with them? Did they answer your questions? Did they try to rush you off the phone? (That’s not always a bad sign – highly sought-after builders are often very busy.) How long have they been in business? Do they build the kind of home you’re interested in? For example, if you want a small ranch home and they usually build large, two-story homes, this may not be a good fit, no matter how amazing the builder is.

Find a builder who matches your dream, and then listen to your gut. You will be working with this person almost daily for many months, and you want to be certain you have good communication and are on the same page with them.

Budget is Important

Establishing and staying on a realistic budget is also key with any contractor. Many times, a higher-cost option is tempting – after all, this is your “forever” home, and it’s only money! But remember, you can always finish the lower level or upgrade something later. Don’t break the bank before the house is even finished. Don’t let the builder persuade you into making more expensive choices, too.


What’s Your Idea of the Perfect Home?

Everyone has a different idea of what their dream home is like. If you work from home, you need a quiet office to keep files and make phone calls. Are you empty-nesters? Then your ideal home may be more casual with space just for two. Does your dream home have a deck on the back for weekend entertaining or a big porch on the front? Maybe you’d rather have a cozy den with a fireplace and room for lots of books. Do you enjoy cooking? Your dream kitchen might have a spacious work area with plenty of counters and top appliances. If you have a growing family, you’ll need enough bedrooms and some flexible space to use as a playroom now but utilized for studying or a teen’s hangout area in the future.

Whatever you dream of, Jewell Homes can design it and make it a reality for you.


Top-Rated Home Builders in Wisconsin include Jewell Homes

When you decide to build your dream home, you need one of the top-rated home builders in Wisconsin. That’s Jewell Homes.

To ensure that your dream home becomes a reality, choose a custom home builder who pays attention. The staff at Jewell Homes listens to your ideas, offers suggestions, and implements them to create a home with superior materials and quality craftsmanship. They will do it all in a timely manner, for a reasonable cost, and will make it an exciting and joyful process for you.

This is a family-owned business, which means you work directly with the owners, John and Jamie Jewell. Throughout the entire process, from the first meeting until they hand you the keys, John and Jamie will be there to guide you and answer all your questions. They will give you their complete attention.

That’s because, in 2005, John and Jamie decided to start their own custom home building company as a result of searching for their own dream home. They were overwhelmed by the process and knew that if they found it difficult and frustrating, others must feel the same way. More importantly, the Jewells thought that the builders they met focused on prices and profits instead of customer service and overall satisfaction. John and Jamie knew they could do it better!


First Rate Home Builders Build Energy Efficient

It’s even better when your dream home is built with energy-efficiency in mind. That way, you’ll receive the ultimate return on your investment and enjoy ongoing savings throughout the years. The professionals at Jewell Homes will help you choose energy-efficient windows and lighting, the best appliances, on-demand water heaters, and even decide where and how to build your home for maximum savings and efficiency on the lot.

 Jewell Homes

Pricing Makes Them a Premier Home Builder

Many building companies will “low-ball” potential customers on the initial cost to entice them to sign on the dotted line. However, while they’re building, that’s when they reveal hidden costs, such as upgrades to appliances, HVAC, flooring, etc., that weren’t added into the base price. These can come as quite a shock because of how much more expensive it suddenly becomes.

With Jewell Homes, that will never happen. When you sign the contract, the price you see is the price you pay. There are no extra costs or hidden surprises. They call it their “All Inclusive Pricing.” This positive experience shows in their client’s smiles and happy faces when they walk through the front door of their dream home.

That’s the only way Jewell Homes knows how to run their business – with honesty and integrity.

Additionally, you can trust that the Jewells hire the best designers and tradespeople. They will only use the highest quality materials. Finally, Jewell Homes always guarantees their craftsmanship at its finest level and provides 10-year, insurance-backed warranties. The Jewells promise that their clients will never be disappointed. Not with the process nor the outcome of their custom home.

How can Jewell Homes offer all these promises and guarantees?

Jewell Homes takes away all of the guesswork for their customers. John and Jamie will always sell you the entire package for your custom house. The Jewells include items in their price that other builders may leave out. Things such as light fixtures, driveway paving, land grading, etc. They will never “nickel-and-dime” you.

Jewell Homes will guarantee their price because they discuss all of the choices, the details, and potential issues with their clients. Prices are accurate because the contract has everything listed in it, along with the costs. There are no negative surprises popping up during the building process! John and Jamie keep the lines of communication open with all of their clients. This way, everyone is aware and happy with what is going on during the building process.


Contact The Better Home Builder

Jewell Homes is your better home builder with an unrivaled reputation.

At your free, no-obligation appointment, a professional will explain the entire building process to you. This includes the timeline (6-7 months from digging the foundation to completion once you have your lot), home and floorplan designs, budgeting, financing options, and much more. When you visit the showroom, you’ll also see the many selections for finishes and building materials.

Contact Jewell Homes today to schedule a free, new home consultation. We can meet via Zoom, on the phone, or in person.