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Are you contemplating making a few changes and updates to your home? Before you call any remodeling contractors in Waukesha, decide what remodeling project will offer you the best return on your investment.  


You’ve probably heard a realtor or remodeling contractor say,” The kitchen is king!” That is undoubtedly true. Think about it: Where do people congregate whenever you have a party or a family gathering? Where do your kids do their homework, where do you sit to pay bills, and where do you go when you want a heart to heart talk with a loved one? For most families, it’s in the kitchen.


The kitchen is also considered the most important room in the house because that’s where your day begins and ends. It’s why the kitchen is also sometimes called “The Heart of the Home.” In general, every family member starts their day in the kitchen, whether to grab a cup of coffee, a muffin, or a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon before heading out the door for work or school, shop, or go for a walk. Then, in the evening, the family gathers around the kitchen table to eat dinner and discuss the day’s events.


Kitchen Remodels are Most Popular

Over the last twenty years, kitchens have become rooms that are used for more than just preparing daily meals. They’ve evolved and transformed into attractive, multi-function open areas at the center of the home’s activity. A well-functioning kitchen is now a significant part of every household.


More recently, architects, interior designers, and remodeling contractors create residences with kitchens as more of living space. As a result, this home area has become much larger and more open to other rooms. This is to accommodate friends and family for social gatherings and allow conversation and interaction throughout the home.


Builders and remodeling contractors are also designing kitchens that allow for easier access to them from a first-floor master bedroom suite or guest room, the den, or the deck off the back of the house. Other kitchens may offer another area near a formal dining table or a relaxed gathering space with a couch or comfy chairs, yet still, give you enough floor space to easily move around while preparing food.

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Are You Ready to Renovate Your Kitchen?

So how do you feel about your kitchen? Is it warm and welcoming or dark and dingy? Is there enough room for several people to prepare a meal together, or is it cramped? Are you happy with the work triangle, or do you find yourself taking too many steps back and forth across the room as you cook? Do you have enough counter space? What about enough storage? Do you feel isolated when you’re in the kitchen, and everyone else is in the family room? Do you wish you could knock down a wall or push it back a few feet for more floor space or sunlight?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then it’s time to do something about your kitchen and call some remodeling contractors in Waukesha!


Remodeling Your Kitchen Will Add Value to Your Home

A recent article in “Home Remodeling” magazine suggests that you can add 80 to 100 percent of building costs to your house’s value by renovating your outdated kitchen. That’s a higher return on investment than any other room in the house.

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For example, a kitchen renovation that costs $30,000 will add between $24,000 and $30,000 to your home’s total value. Therefore, if your home was valued at $200,000 before remodeling the kitchen, it will now be worth $224,000 to $230,000. Kitchen updates and renovations add significant value, but it also makes homeowners happier with their living space – and that’s priceless.


Remodeling contractors in Waukesha will tell you that a major kitchen renovation can include a new floorplan with better workflow, custom cabinets, updated countertops, electrical wiring, modern lighting, new flooring, and top-of-the-line appliances. Even smaller upgrades such as adding granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a fresh coat of paint can make your home stand out in the real estate market and be more appealing to those shopping for a new home.

If the home has a beautiful and large kitchen, most potential buyers are likely to show some interest, even if the rest of the house isn’t well decorated and needs some work. Beautiful kitchens are considered ‘game changers’ in the real estate business, which is why you should think about an update, especially if you’re thinking of moving in a few years.


Function and Efficiency in Kitchens

Renovating your kitchen can be a major undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be painful or overwhelming. Before you begin, determine how your family uses your current kitchen. Assess the activities that take place there and whether or not it matches your needs. What are you hoping to change in this room? It may take less than you initially thought to make it function better for you.

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For instance, a master chef might dream of a kitchen equipped with easy-to-clean backsplashes, floors, and counters. High-end appliances and special storage for items like a collection of utensils, pots, pans, or an array of spices would also be desirable. The floorplan would include designated areas for prep space, cooking, serving, clean up, and storage. However, you may not need as many specific workspaces for your kitchen to make it flow better and give it an updated look.

Once you determine what you need versus what you want, set your remodeling budget. This will help you stay on financial track as you decide on your floor plan and choose your new lighting, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and more.

Your Kitchen Style

Keep in mind that you want a kitchen design and finishes that will last at least twenty years. Try to stay away from “trendy” looks that will date your home within a few years. It’s better to choose classic finishes and add a few modern touches to keep it fresh looking.


So, what kind of design do you envision for your kitchen? Are you thinking of something elegant or more relaxed? All white or lots of color? If you’re not sure, collect ideas from various websites, magazines, and by looking at products in home improvement stores. Write down the prices of a few items. The more specific you can be regarding what tiles, cabinet styles, and appliances you want, you will get a more accurate estimate from the contractor.


If you talk with several remodeling contractors in Waukesha, give them all the same detailed list of products and a drawing of what you want. Then you’ll be able to compare each bid. All of the proposals should describe the same kitchen remodeling project with the same products and offer a realistic timeline and cost.


Review the bids, but don’t choose the least expensive one automatically. First, be sure none of the contractors have left something out. This may make their bid unfairly lower than the others. Compare the products they intend to use: counters, drywall, flooring, tiles, etc. Did the contractor find a cheap substitution, or is it what you requested? However, many contractors can pass on savings to their customers by developing relationships with suppliers and negotiating lower prices.


Remodeling Contractors in Waukesha

Jewell Homes has expanded its custom home building business to offer renovation and remodeling services throughout southeastern Wisconsin. During John Jewell’s thirty years of building dream homes for his clients, former Jewell Homes customers would contact him for kitchen updates, to finish the basement, add on another room or outdoor deck, etc. However, until a few years ago, Jewell had to turn down the client’s requests. However, today, there is a Jewell Homes Remodeling Division to accommodate them. To better meet the community’s needs, John Jewell expanded his business to join other remodeling contractors in Waukesha.

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How Jewell Homes Began

Because of the incredible frustration John and Jamie Jewell continually encountered while looking for a reputable company to build a home, they decided to start their own business in 2005. The Jewells realized they could do a much better job designing and building custom homes by focusing on customer service and offering honest prices.

John and Jamie discovered that the home building and construction process focused less on customer service, satisfaction, and much more on the builder’s profits. The Jewells were always confused by what was included in the project’s price whenever they spoke to a prospective builder.

Today, Jewell Homes has an outstanding reputation as one of the best home builders and remodeling contractors in Waukesha, serving the southeastern Wisconsin community. They are known for having a professional staff who listens to and then implements their client’s needs and wants into the design. The Jewell Homes’ team of craftsmen follows the design plan and ensures the finished product stays within budget and becomes exactly what the customer was dreaming of. When Jewell Homes completes your remodeling project, it will be well built, comfortable, eco-friendly, and perfect for your entire family’s lifestyle.

When working with owners John and Jamie Jewell, remodeling a kitchen will be exciting and fun, not overwhelming. The Jewells assure their clients that their team will manage the remodeling project flawlessly. The staff and artisans put the same attention and care into every remodeling project that they put into building their Jewell custom homes.


Jewell Homes’ Pricing

Jewell Homes is always honest and straightforward with their pricing. This builds an atmosphere of trust between the clients and the remodeling contractor as they discuss what the project will cost. John and Jamie explain each step of the remodeling process and what is included in the price during their client meetings.


In the home building and remodeling industry, confusion, miscommunication, mistakes, and surprises seem to be regular occurrences, but Jewell believes that being honest is always best. Jewell Homes’ professionals are very confident because they also have the integrity to say what they mean and mean what they say. Therefore, the Jewell staff makes solid guarantees to the clients that they can stand by. The team always keeps its customers informed of the timeline and project progress.


No Surprises

Unfortunately, some remodeling contractors in Waukesha will begin the building process by offering a “low-ball” estimate as their initial bid. First, you sign a contract, then you find out about additional costs, such as upgraded flooring choices, appliances, counters, etc. However, with Jewell, the bid you are shown at the very beginning is the price you will pay. No surprises. The bottom-line price includes everything in the project. This creates an environment of understanding, honesty, and open communication.

Jewell Homes will never “nickel and dime” their clients. Their pricing covers everything on the remodeling project.


Treating Their Clients with Respect

Jewell Homes is a family-owned company and, therefore, John and Jamie believe that all families should be treated with integrity, honesty, and respect. The entire staff makes sure every family who builds or remodels their home with Jewell Homes greatly benefits from their partnership. Because they have lived in southeastern Wisconsin their whole lives, Jamie and John began their business knowing the community very well and understanding their customers’ needs and dreams. The Jewell’s want their customer’s remodeling experience to be a positive and happy one.

One of Jewell’s core beliefs is that they build and remodel homes, not just construct houses. Homes are where you enjoy celebrations with your family, where memories are created, where your kids grow up, and where meaningful experiences happen. That’s why Jewell Homes offers every customer a fair price for the finest products with the best installers they can hire.


Jewell Homes’ clients want their remodeled home to function better, look updated, and last longer. Their customers also understand that the best value may be different than the lowest cost. Jewell Homes will exceed their clients’ expectations in return for their trust and respect. Enhancing the lives of their customers is what matters to the Jewells.


Choosing The Best Remodeling Contractors in Waukesha

Once you’ve made the difficult decision to remodel your kitchen, it’s time to make the easy decision and choose the best remodeling contractor for the job. Go with someone you can trust – Jewell Homes.

With so many remodeling contractors in Waukesha to choose from, do yourself a favor and save lots of time and energy. Talk with one of our friendly and helpful staff at Jewell Homes, and you won’t need to call anyone else. Contact Jewell Homes today!