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Are you thinking of buying a home this year? Are you wondering when the best season to buy is – or even the best days are – to look? Having the edge over other buyers will give you a price advantage as well as more choices. But when should you make an offer? Believe it or not, there are two days of the year which are the absolute best. Read on to learn more!

Learn Why the Spring Season Is Best Time to Buy!

Spring Has Sprung

Each spring, real estate signs start popping up on front lawns like tulips. The snow has barely melted, and people are already posting For Sale signs. That begins the swarms of buyers, sellers, and real estate agents buzzing around neighborhoods welcoming warm weather and the home sales season.
The spring real estate market has no seasonal equal. More homes sell in the spring than any other time of year. Cabin fever puts potential buyers in the mood to find a new home. In spring, phones constantly ring as buyers and sellers agree. Everybody wants to sell, to buy, and they all want a good deal.

Spring Season Also Brings Competition

The Best and Worst Season

Usually, in spring, the inventory of available homes floods the marketplace; there are always more homes to choose from in spring. And, while it can be great to have lots of choices, spring can also be the worst time to buy because of the incredible amount of competition for the same places. Winning bidders will pay top dollar for their new home. Title companies are packed with closing appointments, and you may have a hard time finding a moving company to hire.

Second Best Time to Buy!

homes for sale waukesha countyOne Day is Second Best

This is one day in spring that will give you the advantage over all other buyers. You might even be the only one looking at homes that day. This one day is when sellers are the most receptive to offers and are the most willing to negotiate. Can you guess which one? Easter Sunday! Every year, Easter falls sometime between March 22nd and April 25th, depending on the vernal equinox.

The reason Easter Sunday is the second-best day is that no one else is house hunting or thinking about making an offer that day – even if they aren’t celebrating. You can find your ideal house, make an offer, and have it accepted before anyone else sees it on Monday. No competition!

What’s the Best Day to Buy?

The Very Best Day? Christmas!

It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate the holiday or are a Christian – almost no one looks at homes on December 25th. Overall, there fewer buyers shopping for a house then, so making an offer on or near Christmas Day is an intelligent move. But why is this holiday season so attractive for buyers? Sellers are in a good mood, celebrating with friends and family, and, if they hope to sell their home before the end of the year, they might be a little bit anxious. Therefore, the sellers are going to be more generous, even coming down at price for the buyer. If a family has their home on the market over Christmas, they are serious about negotiating and selling it… and fast. The best part is that very few buyers are out looking at homes during Christmas week – meaning the chance of multiple offers or having competition is rather low.

The Key to Finding the Right Home

The most important aspect of purchasing a home on Easter or Christmas is to engage a real estate agent who is willing to work on a holiday and can get an appointment to see the home when you want. Scout out a few homes before those two days so you’re chances of making an offer will be higher. Happy house hunting!

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