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Best Custom Home Builder in Wisconsin

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Best Custom Home Builder in Wisconsin

Are you considering building a new home? The first question to ask yourself is which custom home builder in Wisconsin do you want to work with? Which one is the best choice for you and your family?

Many different builders can deliver fantastic new homes and offer excellent options, depending on what you want. However, choosing the right custom home builder will provide you with a more significant number of choices, as well as how much personal creativity you can add to the floor plan and architecture of your dream home. This can apply to cabinetry, brick or tile styles, countertop materials, flooring, and even doorknobs.

Custom Builder Vs Production Builder

You may also have heard of something called production or high-volume home builder. Frankly, the difference between a custom home builder and a production/high volume home builder is relatively easy to explain:

  • A custom home builder offers one-of-a-kind homes that include many personal design choices with many features. They will build a home to your specifications and usually only produce one.
  • A production/high-volume home builder offers a variety of floor plans and architectural styles with a limited number of options from which to choose. Often this builder will construct many homes in a subdivision at the same time, creating a “neighborhood” of similar-looking houses.

Features and Benefits of a Custom Home Builder

Custom Home by Jewell homes

As you can tell by the name, there are no pre-defined menus or limited choices when working with a custom home builder. They can construct a house on land you already own or can help you find an ideal lot that suits the style and size of the house that you dream of building.

Additionally, clients of custom home builders have the option to supply a floor plan, choose a floor plan from the builder, create a floor plan from scratch, or start with a floor plan and make as many changes as they’d like to suit their needs. As the home buyer, you choose most of the details and work closely with the architect to design a plan that, for example, locates windows to take advantage of the best views or works around existing trees on your lot. When working with a custom home builder, you are involved in the entire process. You have the opportunity to make many decisions and choose any product within your budget. Instead of having to select from a restricted menu of choices, the sky is the limit!


The Construction Process of a Custom Home Builder

You may expect that the cost of a custom home will be higher than a production/high volume model. You may think that a custom home builder does not purchase materials in bulk, and their labor costs may be higher. But that’s not necessarily true because the bottom line depends on many things such as, the size and location of the lot you purchase, the materials and building products you select (i.e., granite vs. Formica countertops, solid wood flooring vs. carpet, etc.), the intricacy of the architecture, and of course, the overall square footage of your home. Working with a custom home builder and having their expertise may end up saving you money in the long run.

Also, many people associate large and expensive mansions with a custom home builder. However, a custom home can range from a simple cottage-style house to a more elaborate and multi-story structure and everything in between. The final creation is whatever you dream of and will be designed around your lifestyle and family needs. That’s what makes it custom.

The most important difference to remember is when you’re building a custom home, you have nearly unlimited choices. Do you want wood floors, carpeting, tile – or all three? Do you prefer stainless steel appliances? What cabinet styles do you dream of – something sleek and contemporary or something more classic? How about a chandelier in the master bath? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you want a big front porch or an expansive back deck? The only restrictions you have are zoning and building codes, your imagination, and your budget!

Building a custom home is the perfect plan for you and your family if you find that the freedom to create a home from nothing but an idea and a blank sheet of paper is exciting and thrilling. If you’ve been saving ideas from magazines and Pinterest and can’t wait to have your one-of-a-kind house, then a custom builder is what you need.


Jewell Homes – The Best Custom Home Builder in Wisconsin

 Interior of the Leona

You’ve finally decided to build your custom dream home. Now what? You need to choose a builder – and your choice should be the builder with one of the best reputations in your area for quality, craftsmanship, and unmatched customer service. Your choice should be Jewell Homes.

To ensure that your vision for the ideal family home becomes a reality, especially if you’re building your home in Wisconsin it’s essential to choose a custom home builder in Wisconsin like Jewell Homes. They will listen to your ideas, offer suggestions, implement them, and create your vision for a home with quality craftsmanship and superior materials – all for a reasonable cost and on time. It should also be a joyful process and not a discouraging one.

Jewell Homes is a family-owned business, unlike many other construction companies. That means you work directly with John and Jamie Jewell, the owners, throughout the entire process.

As a result of searching for their own dream home, and being overwhelmed by the process, John and Jamie decided to start their own custom home building company in 2005. They knew that if they found the process difficult and frustrating, and more focused on prices and profits rather than on customer service and satisfaction, then others must feel the same way as well. So John and Jamie set out to do it better!


What’s Your Idea of the Perfect Home?

Everyone’s idea of the perfect home is different. Maybe yours has a back deck large enough for outdoor dining and entertaining on warm summer weekends. Perhaps you’d like a cozy den with a crackling fire in the fireplace during the frigid winters. Are you working from home? Then you’ll need a dedicated, quiet space as an office to handle phone calls and paperwork. Are you retired empty-nesters and looking to downsize? Then your ideal home is comfortable, informal, and convenient, with just enough space for the two of you.

If you love to cook and show off your culinary skills to the neighbors, your perfect kitchen will need top of the line appliances, lots of counter space, and a spacious dining area nearby to feed your creations to everyone. Do you have a growing family? Then you’ll need enough bedrooms and maybe a bonus space that will change according to everyone’s needs. Today it’s a playroom, but in a few years, it may be used as a study space, a teenager’s hangout area, or a bedroom for elderly parents in the not-so-distant future.

Just as importantly, you will receive the ultimate return on your investment and enjoy ongoing savings if your dream home is also energy-efficient. Jewell Homes can help you choose the right appliances, energy-efficient lighting, on-demand water heaters, the best windows, and even decide where to place your home on the lot for maximum light and energy savings.


Built on the Foundation of Five Star Treatment

When you’re making the most significant investment of your life and building a new custom home with Jewell Homes, the experience should be just as custom. John and Jamie Jewell work directly with every customer from start to finish, not only at the first point of contact. We’ll meet with you for an initial consultation, listen to your ideas and dreams, offer suggestions, and design your perfect home. Throughout the process, we will give you our complete attention and make ourselves available to answer your questions. We are there for you from the first meeting until we hand you the keys – and beyond!

Also, be secure in knowing that Jewell Homes hires the best builders, tradespeople, and designers. We guarantee the finest level of craftsmanship from the foundation to the roof and only use the highest quality materials. Plus, on all of our products and workmanship, we provide industry-leading warranties. We guarantee you will never be disappointed with the final outcome.


Jewell’s Home Pricing

You may find that other home building companies will “low-ball” potential customers on the initial cost just to get you to sign the contract. Then, during the building process, they’ll tell you about the “hidden” costs, such as the flooring upgrades, lighting fixtures, HVAC, appliances, etc., that weren’t included in the original price. These will drive up the final cost significantly and can come as quite a shock.

But with Jewell Homes, there are no surprises! The price we give you when you sign the contract is the price you pay. Our price includes everything and there are no hidden surprises or extra costs. That’s why our “All-Inclusive Pricing” lets you move right in and be done! This convenience shows in our clients’ smiles and the honest way we do business.

It’s very unusual to find someone who will guarantee a specific price in the custom home building industry. So, how does Jewell Homes manage to do this?

Jewell Homes removes all the guesswork and will sell you a whole house custom package. Jewell Homes include large and small things in the price that other builders don’t: land grading, the driveway, lighting fixtures, etc. The can guarantee their charges because they talk through all the details with every customer. Jewell Homes considers all of the potential issues and all of the choices of finishes. Prices are accurate because they limit the number of allowances they use, and your finish choices (with their prices) are already listed in the contract. 

Jewell Homes has found this openness to be the best and most honest approach for our clients. No one likes negative surprises!

 The Jewell Homes Difference

Give us a call, and we can schedule a one-hour, new home consultation that’s free of charge. During the appointment, we will walk you through the entire building experience. This includes a construction timeline – most homes take six to seven months to complete from the time the foundation is dug; the timeline will be longer if you need to find a lot first. The consultation also includes financing options, budgeting, viewing home designs, site locations, finish options, and so much more. You can also see the many building material choices we offer when you come to the showroom.


The Waters of Lake Denoon

Have you dreamed of owning a home with a view of a lake? A home that’s secluded and intimate, where you can walk down to the shore and throw in a line to catch fish any time you want? Then you need to see the available lots at The Waters of Lake Denoon. There are only nine lots left out of fifteen, so don’t delay!

All nine lots are a half-acre or larger and situated on the west side of beautiful Lake Denoon in Muskego. 

The best aspect of this neighborhood is that all these lots border conservation lands and will never have other homes or buildings blocking your views. You’ll hear loons, ducks, and other wildlife all year round.

Do you own a boat – or would you like to? A few of the remaining lots also have deeded pier space for a small boat or personal watercraft. However, all lot owners will enjoy access to the water whether they have a pier or not by using the private trail. Go swimming, fishing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, or toss down a blanket and relax with a good book at the secluded lakeside area designated just for you and your neighbors!

For those without a deeded pier, there’s a public boat launch available at Denoon Park, immediately north of the subdivision. At the park, in addition to a boat launch you’ll find a playground, miles of trails, disc golf, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and a soccer field just steps away from your door. The park is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Muskego is close to Milwaukee and all of its amenities but has a small-town feel. An ideal place to raise a family, this neighborly subdivision of just fifteen houses will indeed develop into a group of lifelong friends making memories together.


For more information, call Jewell Home Builders today!