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Custom Cabinets: What are the Benefits?

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Custom Home Construction | 0 comments

Waukesha Custom Home Builders Explain Benefits of Custom Cabinets

In a nutshell: Aesthetics, Functionality, Cost and Time

New kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are an investment whether you purchase them from Lowe’s or a custom cabinet maker. Weighing the pros and cons without an expert is difficult. Luckily, we have help from Jewell Homes’ custom cabinet builder to chime in with some sensible, general advice:

Let’s start with definitions. What are custom cabinets? What are stock or modular cabinets? How do they compare? How are they different?

As custom home builders for Waukesha and surrounding areas, I tell clients custom cabinets are built to the exact dimensions of your kitchen…any other cabinet is stock or modular. Modular cabinets come in standard widths and heights. If your bathroom or kitchen needs a 41 inch wide cabinet, our custom cabinetmakers build your cabinet 41 inches wide. With store bought modular “box” cabinets you get a 39 inch cabinet with a 2 inch filler.

The box stores try to plug your unique needs into their square peg. After being talked into their sales pitch, the cabinets are delivered to your home and an independent store contractor takes over the installation. If a manufacturing mistake is made, you could wait a month or more for the fix to arrive. If something is damaged in shipping, same problem. This dramatically impacts our ability to complete your custom home on time and within budget.

When you receive custom home construction from Jewell Homes, Inc., it only makes sense to use the services of a professional cabinetmaker. You can have any dimension altered to suit your needs. We can build a custom kitchen for a taller person, so the countertops would be 38 inches high rather than the stock 36 inches. Similarly, we can build a kitchen for a shorter person that fits their needs perfectly.

Quality of craftsmanship is another great feature of custom cabinets. A custom cabinet is built stronger and more solid, making it last much longer than box cabinets. Not only will you be satisfied with your new, custom cabinets, they will provide enjoyment for many years to come. Quality shows, and it lasts too.

Unlike other Waukesha home builders, we work with the best cabinetmakers in Southeast Wisconsin, not through some remote plant. We deal directly with the owners. Your cabinet specifications are relayed directly to the cabinetmakers themselves. You can actually tour the facility and meet the people who make your cabinets…talk about one-of-a-kind personalized service!

The distinction between a custom cabinet and a box store modular cabinet is the level of craftsmanship and perfection. Families spend a great deal of time in the kitchen (and in the bathroom), which is why we believe the cabinets in your custom home should serve your specific needs and showcase your personal taste.

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