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Buying Land: Should You Buy Before or After Finding A Builder?

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Custom Home Construction, News, Purchasing Land | 0 comments

After much discussion, you’ve finally decided to build your dream home. But knowing how to start the process can feel overwhelming. Do you buy the land first? Or do you find a custom home builder first? While there really is no right answer, what is best for you depends on several factors. Here are a few things to keep in mind which may influence your decision.

Buying Land First

Finding the right location is usually one of the top priorities for a new homeowner. Consider where you want to live: Near family? Close to your job? Out in the country? In the city? Sometimes a perfect piece of land comes up for sale, and you can’t pass it up. So, you buy the property first and wait to build until a later time.

One of the benefits of buying the land first is that it allows you to find the perfect location early on. If you are looking in a high demand area or when properties are selling fast, it may be wise to purchase the land first, without needing to rush to decide what style of house to build.

If you buy a lot first, once you’ve chosen the custom home builder, bring them to the site and allow them to view it. The builder will then be able to incorporate the design of the house into aspects of the landscape. Your builder may even have design suggestions you may not have considered.

On the other hand, buying the lot first may lead to problems later. It is sometimes best to allow a builder to evaluate the land for necessary costs such as site clearing, grading, and slope, drainage, or other development compliance issues. Unexpected problems could make this area more expensive or a poor choice in the long run. In addition, the lot may not be the right size or shape to accommodate the house you ultimately decide to build.

Choosing a Builder First

Frankly, it may be more cost effective to choose a custom home builder first. The builder can help you to find the right piece of land because they are familiar with the neighborhoods and communities being developed and have lots for sale. They can evaluate potential locations and help you avoid lots that have problems or may not fit your custom home plan. The home builder will have a first-hand understanding of what you as a homeowner truly wants and can take out some of the guesswork of how much everything will cost.

Consider the Factors

Be sure you’ve thought through the process before either choosing a builder or buying a piece of property. It’s important to find the right builder who you enjoy working with and can trust. Work with a company who listens to you, implements your wishes and uses quality craftsmanship and materials. They will help you navigate the building process and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

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