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6 Tips to Building Your Dream Home

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Building your dream home


Does this sound like you? You’ve been daydreaming of building your dream home for years. You find yourself doodling ideas on scrap paper: figuring out the general layout, drawing the bedrooms and bathrooms, then adding the ideal home office or space for entertaining. You page through home décor magazines and tear out photos of cabinetry, flooring, paint colors, and more, to save for the future. Right? 

Now you’ve stopped dreaming and finally decided to do it! You want a brand-new home, not an old house you have to remodel. It’s going to be built from the ground up. The final product will be the home of your dreams – one that matches all your needs and wants. You’re looking for beautiful craftsmanship, quality finishes, and the right location. 

Step One: Your Idea of Perfection

Everyone’s idea of perfection is different. So, long before you choose a custom builder, decide what style of home you want. Many builders specialize in specific house designs. To build the house you’ve been dreaming of, your final design should match your chosen builder. 

For example, do you dream of an expansive, elegant two-story mansion or just a comfortable, efficient, single level ranch? Maybe your ideal home will have a deck for outdoor summer entertaining. What style of architecture do you prefer? Do you want a Cape Cod? What about a Craftsman? Colonial? Is a more contemporary design your dream? 

Step Two: The Interior of the Home

Next, think about the interior of your dream home. How about a cozy living room with oak flooring and a crackling fire in the fireplace? Are you an amateur chef who desires a kitchen with lots of counter space and top-of-the-line appliances? How many bathrooms and bedrooms will you need? Is a separate home office a requirement? A three-car garage? In the future, will elderly loved ones move in? Does your dream home give you room to grow, or are you in the process of downsizing?

Most importantly, when thinking about building your dream home, it should be energy efficient. It’s a hot topic, and some contractors are better at building energy-efficient dwellings than others. By doing it correctly, you’ll receive a return on your investment and enjoy ongoing savings for years to come. Keep this in mind when talking to a potential builder.

Step Three: The Location

Where do you want your perfect house to be built? Do you dream of a large lot with open fields and rolling hills or something small and easy to care for? How about a view of a lake? Would you prefer an area with large, mature trees or something flat and open upon which to play soccer or baseball? Would you like a family-friendly subdivision where kids ride their bikes? Or do you want something secluded with no neighbors? 

Step Four: Know Your Budget

The most crucial step: What’s your budget? Is it flexible? Are there things you won’t compromise on like granite countertops, triple-glazed windows, high-end appliances, a jetted bathtub, or custom cabinets? Do you want the basement finished before you move in – or will you save that for a later date? 

So many things to consider! You don’t have to answer every question now but discuss what is most important with your loved ones. Narrow down your list of wants and needs before talking to a builder.

Finding the Right Builder

So, you’ve settled on a basic design and location, and now it’s time to find a home builder. The right builder should be able to take your wish list and turn it into reality by listening carefully, asking questions, and making recommendations. 

But which home builder should you choose? You’ve probably heard some horror stories about broken contracts, misquotes, last-minute price changes, add-ons, missed deadlines, etc. You don’t want that! With the right builder, creating your ideal home can be a dream – not a nightmare.

Do Your Research

You may feel like doing research is unnecessary. Just ask your brother-in-law or co-worker who they used and hire them, right? Wrong! Begin by going online and reading some reviews. This will ensure a better list of potential builders. 

After you have your list, now is the time to ask friends, family members, and others whom you trust for their opinion. A favorable recommendation from someone who has recently built a house can increase your comfort level. 

Set up appointments with your list of potential builders. The right builder will show you homes they are in the process of constructing or have recently completed, not just photos or floor plans. Tour their model home and check their quality, integrity, and craftsmanship. Start at the foundation (is it block or poured concrete?) and then framing, and finish by checking out the grade of flooring (real wood or laminate?) and cabinetry. Take notes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions of the prospective homebuilder. Also, ask to speak with a recent client. They can tell you about any problems that arose, if they would purchase another home from this builder, or if the process was an easy one. 

Local real estate agents might be able to recommend a homebuilder they’ve worked with. Or simply drive around areas where you’d like to build your custom home. Write down who is constructing homes and whether you prefer their architectural style.

Don’t rush your decision. You’ve thought about your dream home for years, so take the time to find the right builder to make it a reality.

Jewell Homes: The Best Builder in Southeastern Wisconsin

Jewell Homes has an outstanding reputation for being one of the best southeastern Wisconsin custom home builders. They’ll give you a dream home experience – they don’t just design and build houses. Unlike many other home building companies in Wisconsin, Jewell Homes is family-owned. This means you work directly with John and Jamie Jewell, the owners, not only at the initial point of contact but throughout the entire building process from start to finish. 

John and Jamie began their custom home building business in 2005 as a result of the incredible frustration they encountered while searching for a reputable company to build their own dream home. They faced constant confusion regarding what was and what was not included in the final price. The process seemed to focus more on profits for the builder and less on customer service and satisfaction. 

After numerous discouraging experiences, the Jewells realized they could do it better. They believed they could design and build custom homes focusing on excellent customer service with less exasperation and offer honest and direct pricing. They chose a concise mission statement: “To enhance the lives of every family we meet.” 

Having lived in southeastern Wisconsin their entire lives, John and Jamie started their business understanding their customers’ needs and knowing the community very well.

Their process begins by carefully listening to the client. Then they implement those dreams into a final design. This ensures the finished product is precisely what the customer envisioned. Whether clients are interested in a ranch-style or a 2-story house, Jewell Homes will customize the floorplan to exactly what the client has described and create a design to match their budget and lifestyle.

Fulfilling Their Mission

To fulfill its mission, Jewell Homes treats all families with respect, integrity, and honesty. Because Jewell Homes is a family-owned company, they treat their clients like family and work hard to meet their needs and desires. John and Jamie want every customer’s experience to be a happy one.

One of Jewell Homes’ core beliefs is that they don’t build houses… they build homes. Homes where children grow up, memories are made, and where life happens. 

John and Jamie want to be sure their clients’ first experience in their new home is positive. That’s why John and Jamie offer every customer the best installer with the best products – all at a price that is reasonable and fair. Everything Jewell Homes does is also backed by the best available warranty.

Because they custom build their homes, for every client, Jewell Homes is able to provide the perfect residence. Jewell Homes ensures that every home they build accommodates the entire family’s lifestyle for functional convenience and lasting beauty.

Also, their homes are built with integrity. Jewell Homes mean what they say – so they’re confident in all their guarantees. In the home building industry, confusion seems to be a standard commodity – but Jewell Homes believe that honesty is always the best policy. 

Jewell Homes understands that their clients prefer a home that is superior to the competition; clients also know that the best value is very different from the lowest price. In return, Jewell Homes’ finished products will always exceed the expectations of their clients and will enhance their lives. 

Built on the Foundation of Treating Customers Right

When investing in building a custom home, Jewell Homes wants to give its clients a custom experience as well. John and Jamie always make themselves available and provide their full attention to clients. 

Jewell Homes hires the best home designers, tradespeople, technicians, and builders in Wisconsin. They use the highest quality materials and guarantee the most exceptional level of craftsmanship on everything from the foundation to the fixtures. They also provide industry-leading warranties on all products and workmanship.

John and Jamie Jewell believe that building your dream home should be filled with joy and excitement. It should not be overwhelming, frustrating, or confusing like they experienced. When your home is completed, it will be eco-friendly, well built, on budget, comfortable, and perfect for your family.

“No Surprises” Pricing

Unfortunately, many other home building companies begin by low-balling the initial cost. They get you to sign on the dotted line and then shock you with additional expenses, like flooring, HVAC, lighting, etc. With Jewell Homes, the price you are initially given is the price you pay—there is nothing hidden and no surprises. The bottom-line price includes everything in the home. Jewell Homes “all-inclusive pricing” lets you move right in when the house is complete!

The Jewell Homes staff is straightforward with their pricing. This creates an environment of honesty, trust, and understanding.

Unlike other new home construction companies in southeastern Wisconsin, Jewell Homes won’t nickel and dime their customers. Their total price covers everything pertaining to the construction, including costs for the light fixtures, HVAC, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, etc. They also include allowances for sewer, gravel, and site grading. 

Jewell Homes’ staff is confident in all their guarantees because they have the integrity to say what they mean and mean what they say. In the home building industry, mistakes, confusion, surprises, and miscommunication tend to be regular occurrences. But, because Jewell Homes believe that honesty is always the best policy, customers always stay informed. 

The staff is straightforward and lists everything that is and is not included in the final price. This creates an environment of “what you see is what you get.” Plus, all the components of a house that you can’t see (HVAC, framing, electrical and plumbing systems, etc.) are of high quality, making Jewell Homes safer and lower maintenance than most other builder’s homes.

Using High-Quality and Energy Efficient Products

Jewell Homes not only uses high-quality products, but they also keep the bottom line and energy efficiency in mind. Their professionals will assist you in choosing the best floor plan with the right windows, roofing, electrical systems, and HVAC to save money and energy. 

Jewell Homes dwellings are built with excellent energy efficiency. Their windows have up to three panes of glass, keeping the heat and cold where they should be. To maintain an airtight home, insulation is installed between studs, in the basement, and the attic. Today’s HVAC systems can regulate separate zones to different temperatures and at different times as well. 

Open Floor Plans

In new home construction, open floor plans have become the standard. With these plans, there are no longer several small rooms, but with better flow between living areas, there is one large multi-purpose room. As windows, insulation, and HVAC systems become more efficient, there is less need to close off unused sections to moderate cooling and heating to save on utility bills.

Another benefit of an open floor plan with lots of windows is that you can lower monthly utility bills by using sunshine to illuminate and warm your home. Natural light eliminates the need for artificial light. However, in the summer, homeowners need to keep the curtains or blinds closed to prevent too much sun, making the indoor cooler.

Energy consumption can also be reduced by opening the windows on a beautiful day, allowing a cross breeze through the house. Ceiling fans also enable the air to flow and makes your home’s HVAC system work more efficiently.

Tour a Model Home  

To get a better understanding of how well Jewell Homes constructs their houses,  You can visit a model or do a “walk through” via video.

For example, Jewell Homes’ model, “The Leona,” was built in Muskego in the Aster Hills subdivision. The home’s exterior has touches of charming Craftsman styling with added decorative brackets under overhanging eaves, an extended porch roof, and impressive stone columns. 

Inside, The Leona has a three-bedroom and 2 ½ baths, open concept, split ranch floorplan. This floorplan offers quiet and privacy for the master bedroom area, moving it away from the other two. Also, the master bedroom en suite includes a spacious walk-in closet and luxurious bathroom with double sinks. No more bumping into each other while getting ready for work!

This home also offers plenty of space for entertaining throughout its 2,382 square feet. The great room has a warm and welcoming ambiance with its dry bar and gas fireplace with a stone hearth. The kitchen is conveniently located in the center of the house. It has a large island and walk-in pantry; the first-floor laundry room is conveniently nearby. 

As you walk through the home, you’ll notice many high-end touches and well-built construction, yet there is a feeling of coziness and comfort. It’s the perfect home for a growing family or a couple who loves to entertain.

Partners in the Real Estate Community

Can’t find the right lot to purchase? The professionals at Jewell Homes can assist you in finding your dream home’s perfect piece of land to go with it. Throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, they work with numerous realtors and will help you find what you’ve been searching for. Whether it’s on a secluded street, in a subdivision, with vast acreage and mature trees, or a simple ¼ acre lot – Jewell Homes is there to help you through the process!

The Waters of Lake Denoon

If you’ve always you’ve dreamed of having a home overlooking a beautiful lake, Jewell Homes has 15 lots of land for sale. Located in the subdivision of The Waters of Lake Denoon, now is your chance to sit on your deck enjoying a view of the water, go fishing any time you want, or own a boat!

Each lot is a half-acre or more in an intimate and secluded atmosphere surrounding Lake Denoon. The homes have private lake access, a private lakeside relaxation area, and a private trail to Denoon Park. The lake is large enough for fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, or paddleboarding. Every day will feel like a vacation!

Go with Jewell Homes!

Choosing the right home builder will give you a very positive construction experience as well as peace of mind that your home is well built, energy-efficient, and the dream home you’ve always hoped for. 

When you work with Jewell Homes, you’ll get a Wisconsin home builder who listens, and, in a timely manner, constructs your home precisely the way you imagined, using quality materials and master craftsmanship.

Contact Jewell Homes and have years of pleasure in your new “home sweet home!” Get started on your dream home today!