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Finished Basements on the Rise Due to Shelter in Place

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Basement Remodeling Contractors Milwaukee

Across the United States, the buzzing and whirring of power tools are echoing throughout neighborhoods. Trucks and tradespeople line the street, walking in and out of houses – many carrying lumber, electrical cables, drywall, and more.

Frustrated DIY homeowners run back and forth to hardware stores searching for the right “thing-a-ma-bob” to attach to the “watzit”; which they hope will solve a simple problem. Basement remodeling contractors in Milwaukee are racing to keep up with the demand.


Remodeling Projects For Entire Family

When COVID-19 began to affect the state of Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers decreed that everyone was to shelter in place. This meant that employees now needed a quiet area to work from home while their kids demanded a place to play or do their schoolwork.

But parks, playgrounds, and coffee shops were also closed. There was nowhere else to go and nothing to do but stay put. Suddenly, everyone had to figure out how to live their lives and use the space in their homes in a brand-new way. Like it or not, the entire family was stuck looking at the same four walls and forced to develop a solution as to how to share what space they had. Many homeowners began to call basement remodeling contractors in Milwaukee for advice and help.


Basement Remodeling an Easy Choice

When trying to find ways to expand their living space, many homeowners’ first thought was to head to the basement. After all, there are walls, a floor, and a ceiling already there (even if it’s not very tall). Additionally, a lower level usually has electricity and, very often, plumbing.  So, the basement should be easy to upgrade or remodel yourself, right?

Wrong. Home remodeling is not as effortless as it looks on television. Of course, one simple way to make the basement a little better is to throw down a big, fluffy rug, paint the concrete block walls white, and hope for the best. But do you want to spend eight hours a day working in that environment? Would your kids want to play down there all day?

Frankly, to expand your lower level into usable living space, it’s best to hire a reliable and professional basement remodeling contractor in Milwaukee. Don’t trust your neighbor’s cousin’s buddy or suggestions from the internet to get the job done right.

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Demand for Basement Remodeling Contractors in Milwaukee

Why is there such a big spike in demand for basement remodeling contractors in Milwaukee?

In a recent 2020 survey, the demand for home improvement projects in the United States was measured. There were 330 million online searches for home remodeling assistance in just the last three months. That’s an increase of nearly 50% from the same time period in 2019. The improvement projects researched were for both inside and outside the house for basement remodeling, kitchen upgrades, adding a deck, landscaping, and installing a fence.

According to the survey, while homeowners under age 40 were the most likely to hire someone for home improvement projects in 2020, more than half of the Baby Boomers surveyed want home remodeling projects done, too.

With three generations surveyed, 69% of Baby Boomers are still planning renovations in 2020, compared to 78% of Generation Xers and 92% of Millennials. Incidentally, not only are Millennials planning on more home renovations than everyone else, but they’re also spending more money on bigger projects. Millennials are spending an average of $16,088 compared to the other generations’ budgets of $11,851.


Four Reasons Why People Are Remodeling Their Basements

  • It’s necessary

As mentioned earlier, we have been forced to use our homes more efficiently and very differently than we used to. Necessity is the first factor driving the remodeling boom. There is a need for more space to work and play while everyone in the family is home.

  • They have the money now

Interestingly, the increase in hiring basement remodeling contractors in Milwaukee is also partly due to some homeowners unexpectedly having funds. In the past, they may have used their money to take a fancy vacation, or buy baseball season tickets, or attend a concert series. Maybe the homeowners enjoyed going out to nice dinners or buying new clothes every month. But this year, because of COVID-19, they’re not doing any of this. Therefore, they use this “extra” money toward improving their home.

So, what used to be a dank, dark basement (where they only went when necessary), is now an oasis for the entire family. It’s a newly finished, light and airy lower level with a comfy den, an office, a craft area, and a play space for the kids. The reclaimed basement now provides an excellent place to relax where the family can enjoy – and control – the environment and their surroundings.

  • They want control and comfort

This is the third factor driving the pandemic remodeling craze: Having financial and environmental control. In unsettling times such as these, a comforting investment can be spending money on your home. Homeowners want to invest in something they can count on and control what their surroundings look like. Plus, people can afford to remodel their homes now because rock-bottom interest rates also make improvements more attractive.

In addition to basements, however, the demand for outdoor living space has begun to surge. Milwaukee area homeowners quickly developed a renewed interest in their backyards. Because of sheltering in place, they began to think of their yards as another extension of their home.

Since they can’t freely go to the gym, the park, the bars, etc., they’ve created areas in their yard for “play.” Many people have added swimming pools, gardens (both vegetable and flower), basketball courts, and other sports set-ups. Even outdoor areas for socially distanced entertainment have become popular.

  • They have become aware of their home’s imperfections

The fourth factor driving this craze in hiring basement remodeling contractors in Milwaukee: Workers who remained employed while sheltering-in-place have continued to move forward with their projects and even began new ones. Working from home has made more people critically aware of the imperfections around their house. Others, as mentioned before, decided to retrofit home offices for easier work-from-home solutions.

Staring at the same rip in the carpet, sitting on the same faded couch, working in a cramped bedroom, or dealing with the lack of privacy every day pushed some homeowners to update and remodel their basements when they hadn’t considered it before.  Self-isolation forces us to take a much closer look at our homes and realize what needs to be changed.


Another Reason to Finish Your Lower Level: A Higher Value on Privacy and Aesthetics

As a result of COVID-19, homeowners are also placing an increased value on privacy for themselves. Many homeowners feel they do not have enough personal space in their house. Not surprisingly, the highest complaints are from parents with children at home.

Additionally, homeowners and employees who take virtual classes or attend weekly video staff chats are more conscious of how their homes look to others on these calls. Homeowners who have made video calls during the pandemic have mentioned being embarrassed by their living space.

These people are keenly aware of the need to update a more private area to make these video chats more comfortable. Updating and remodeling their basement is the fastest and least expensive way to achieve this.

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COVID -19 Dictates The New Normal

This kind of resourcefulness is part of our new normal: doing more with less and finding solutions to space issues and problems. On a positive note, the pandemic has forced people to focus on family life and adopt a better approach to everyone’s well-being at home.

Months ago, because of COVID-19, we were forced to slow down, work from home, and stop many of our extracurricular activities. As life moves forward, many homeowners adapt to this new way of life and may not return to the way they used to be.

People who are staying home now want to hunker down in their little hideaway. More importantly, instead of selling their current home and purchasing a new one, they prefer to stay where they are and update or remodel the dwelling they’re already in. Expensive exterior improvement projects, basement remodeling, and flooring projects are expected to experience the largest increase in 2020 compared to 2019 statistics.

For example, the top two requests are adding a backyard pool and creating a finished basement with a home office (with nice backdrops for video conferencing) and gym.


The Best Way to Gain Livable Space without a High Cost

Do you need more livable space in your home for your family? Do you prefer not to go through the disruption of adding on an entirely new room or rooms? Do you want an area to be updated but need it to be fairly fast and for a moderate expense? Are you tired of fighting for space to find somewhere to work or relax? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then remodeling your basement is your best bet.


Remodeling Your Basement is Cost-Effective, More Convenient, and Very Smart     

A finished basement remodel is one of the smartest, most cost-effective, and most convenient ways to add valuable new living space to your home.

Jewell Homes is rated as one of the best basement remodeling contractors in Milwaukee. When you need additional space, you can rely on them to create a stylish and highly functional basement. They will design your living area according to your needs and requirements. Just as importantly, Jewell Homes will complete your project on time and on budget.

remodeled kids play room in basement

Jewell Homes can make it happen – whether you want to create a guest bedroom, wine cellar, home office, home theater, game room, gym, or craft room in your lower level. They combine their wealth of experience and expertise with unmatched design brilliance and knowledge. All this, along with your creative ideas, can provide you with a basement that is worth every dollar spent to match your vision.


Remodel Your Basement According to Your Lifestyle

Your basement remodeling project should always be designed with your unique requirements and lifestyle in mind. Jewell Homes strives to create a signature space where you and your family can hang out and relax, have a quiet place to work, or somewhere to play to your heart’s content.

First, Jewell Homes’ design experts will sit down with you and your family to talk about your lower-level requirements. This meeting will give them a clear understanding of what you envision. After that, they will take precise measurements of your space and explain in detail the work that will be done to design a basement to meet your needs.

Whether you have a small, simple project or a large, complicated one, you can rest easy when you work with Jewell Homes. You know that every detail will be addressed and every problem will be solved.

Jewell Homes will not just meet, but they’ll exceed your expectations with the final product. Once the project is done, you can take pride in your finished basement. But more importantly, it will not only become your family’s favorite space; it will also be the most functional.


No Basement Updating  Challenge is Too Difficult

No basement remodeling challenge is too difficult to accomplish for Jewell Homes. That’s why they are the top choice among greater Milwaukee area homeowners for basement projects. Jewell earned their great reputation based on their professionalism, quality customer service, and the ability to turn a dream into reality.

Jewell Homes’ design team is ready for any challenge with a promise that you’ll enjoy your home’s lower level exactly the way you had always dreamed of.

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Contact Jewell Homes Today!

Whether you need a quiet refuge from daily life, a warm and private space to work, or an area for your kids to make as big a mess as they want, Jewell Homes can help. They will also make the entire experience a pleasure.

Jewell Homes can design remodeling projects for your specific budget, too. They know that no matter the size of the financial investment you make in your home, it is a significant amount to you.

Get excited about the future, and contact Jewell Homes today to start the process. Talk to their team and share your vision for your finished basement with the best basement remodeling contractors in Milwaukee!

Are you considering a basement remodel? Have you already changed your home somehow to better manage during COVID-19? Share with us what you’ve done to create more space for your family.