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2020 Top Home Builder in Southeastern Wisconsin

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Top home builder Milwaukee

You’ve finally decided to build the home of your dreams. Congratulations! This is an exciting time filled with reviewing floor plans and architectural designs; and studying paint colors, fabric swatches, cabinetry styles, and other finishes. But first, you have to choose the builder who will turn your dreams into reality.


Everyone Wants to Build with the Best Home Builder

There are plenty of home builders throughout southeastern Wisconsin, so how do you choose which one should build your home? It’s vital to hire a 2020 top home builder who listens to your wants and needs and constructs a home just as you’ve imagined, in addition to being on time and staying on budget, of course. You want someone who doesn’t cut corners and uses quality materials – a builder who won’t surprise you with additional costs. You need an honest home builder with integrity, and who will keep you informed throughout the process. Who is this 2020 top home builder?


What is it about Jewell Homes?

Jewell Homes is everything you’re looking for and more! After all, they didn’t get called the 2020 top home builder in Southeastern Wisconsin for nothing. Jewell homes offers a personalized approach to construction that you won’t find anywhere else. From your first design concept meeting until they hand you the keys, Jewell Homes is there to guide you through the process. They offer a custom experience with every home they build.

Jewell Homes can bring your idea of the perfect home to life, whether it’s an expansive 2- or 3-story structure or a cozy little cottage. A home should reflect those who live in it. By working with you to choose the right light fixtures, the most energy-efficient windows, the perfect kitchen appliances, the ideal layout, and more, Jewell Homes can help this custom project turn into your forever home.

2020 best home builder


The Jewell Homes Mission Statement

Jewell Homes’ mission is to enhance the lives of every family they meet, and this mission statement is fundamental to their work and business culture.

Because Jewell Homes is a family-owned company, everyone who works there believes that all families should be treated with integrity, honesty, and respect. The staff makes sure that everyone who touches or is touched by their team greatly benefits from it. The Jewell Home mission statement extends to include all of its customers and their staff, subcontractors, and suppliers.


Unmatched Customer Service

Beginning in 2005, Jewell Homes has spent the past fifteen years assisting families searching for their next home in southeastern Wisconsin. By designing and building beautiful custom homes for so many people, they understand just how significant this house will be to your family for years to come. Therefore, the entire staff at Jewell Homes dedicates themselves to providing every customer with enjoyable building experience and excellent service.

The experience you will have creating your new home with Jewell Homes is guaranteed to be stress-free due to their superior service and constant communication. John and Jamie Jewell, along with the entire team, are confident that you will be delighted with your custom home because of their use of high-quality materials, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, and their foundation of honesty, integrity, and quality.


Being a Top Home Builder Means Providing the Best Building Software

You’ve probably heard horror stories from friends, co-workers, or neighbors who quickly realized that they chose the wrong builder. Unfortunately, the entire situation can become overwhelming and stressful. Maybe all the joy got sucked out of their building process by having to make too many choices, not being given enough options, wanting something different than the builder was willing to do, or unexpected changes happening during the middle of the project. For example, maybe your friends stopped by their job site to see how things were going and saw something they didn’t agree to – the wrong tile, a different paint color, incorrect exterior siding, etc. This may be because they hadn’t been in communication with the builder. It’s possible that your friends didn’t know what was happening and couldn’t stop the mistake in time. So, of course, the problems became unanticipated financial hits or additional weeks to fix the issue.

Figuring out all the details of a custom floorplan and keeping track of the numerous steps of the building process can be hard. Designing and constructing a new home can be tedious yet also very overwhelming for the client. Clients can often feel swamped and dazed, staying on top of all the finances of constructing their new home. It can sometimes feel as if all they’re doing is writing checks or handing over their credit card!

Frankly, it’s difficult at best to understand everything contractors are doing during the building of your house. You may feel like you need a personal guide to help you through the maze of paperwork, choices, and finances.

However, when you work with the 2020 top home builder, Jewell Homes, you’ll never have to wonder about their home building process! You have a “virtual” guide with them. Their construction crew uses the #1 highest-rated custom-building software available, called Co-Construct Home Building Software. This software is specially designed with all your project information to help you have the best house building experience possible. You’ll have a unique login and password and receive email reminders to alert you to any changes or billing dates. You can watch how your home is being built. You’ll always know what’s happening and what’s coming next in the plan. You’ll have constant communication with Jewell Homes and know precisely what’s going on, whether you’re looking at your computer screen or walking around the site!

Everything You Need in One Place

Co-Construct is computer software specifically designed to help you – the customer – keep track of everything regarding your custom house. By collecting all of the information in one convenient place, this software will streamline the process, keep you informed, and answers all your questions.

Whatever needs to be done can be viewed and even operated through the software system. You will be able to:

visiting construction site

  • Control your finances and what’s being spent. No more guessing what the total is!
  • Directly communicate with the construction team. Get your answers quickly.
  • Track change orders and know the timeline.
  • Coordinate schedules with your Jewell Homes team. Set convenient meeting dates and times.
  • Share files and photos with your contractors, and vice versa. No color or style mistakes!
  • Track Jobsite activity. You’ll see how far along the job is and when it will be complete, and so much more!

By using this unique software, your home building experience with Jewell Homes will be even better than you would expect it to be! This software enables easy and quick changes and makes the selection process organized, flexible, and even fun! Co-Construct can update prices, budget forecasts, and project the total cost. That means you can change your mind and have the freedom to upgrade or choose something else instead.


The Jewell Homes Eye for Detail

As you are discussing your floorplan: how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, if you want a formal dining area, how large your kitchen should be, etc., the design staff of Jewell Homes will also ask you more specific questions as to how you intend to live in your home.

For example: Let’s say you’re thinking about putting hardwood floors throughout. However, you may not have considered how your rambunctious Labrador’s nails will affect it.

Another example: Right now, your boys are small and enjoy sharing a room. But what about when they’re teenagers? You may want to add that extra bedroom, after all.

Or perhaps you host all of the holiday family get-togethers, so maybe you should consider expanding the living and dining room areas to hold more people. What about adding a larger deck to the back of the house for summer entertaining?

These are some situations that other home builders may not even think to ask about. However, Jewell Homes will always lookout for the best interests of your family. They want to be as sure as you are that your new home will have lasting beauty and functional convenience that accommodates your lifestyle – now and in the future.


Jewell Homes All-Inclusive Pricing

The kenwood model

Pricing is where a lot of home buyers get into trouble. They see a number on a contract and expect it to be the “bottom line.”  Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Some builders will “low ball” a bid to win the job. Then suddenly, there are lots of add-ons and upgrades that weren’t listed in the contract. Uh oh, now what do you do? The price you thought you agreed to is not the actual price, after all.

However, unlike other home building companies, with Jewell Homes, the price you pay is exactly what you see on the contract! Plain and simple, there are never any hidden costs or surprises.

Jewell Homes always give you an honest price without “nickel and dime-ing” you throughout the construction process. They make sure their price covers everything: cabinetry, sinks, flooring, light fixtures, HVAC, countertops, electrical, and more. Jewell Homes even include site allowances like gravel, sewer, grading, and driveways. These are actual prices for real budgets with everything included.

When you work with Jewell Homes, you can feel safe and confident that you are making the right choice for your lifestyle needs and your budget.


Wisconsin’s Preferred Home Builder Uses Better Products with Better Warranties

jewell homes

After going through the experience of building a new home, at the end of the process, most homebuyers expect a high-quality final product. Its design, layout, and functionality should be comfortable, convenient, beautiful, warm, and inviting. Most importantly, these features should reflect who you are and last for decades. The staff at Jewell Homes realizes that it’s not only disheartening but a complete waste of money if everything begins to fall apart after just a few years in your new home. To prevent this, Jewell Homes always:

  • prides itself on exceeding expectations in quality and beauty, which is why they only work with the best home construction partners.
  • installs products made by the industry’s most trusted brands and manufacturers.
  • works with the most respected and talented professionals within their unique industries.
  • provides industry-leading warranties on their workmanship and products.

Jewell Homes knows you have high standards of excellence; therefore, they work with all of their subcontractors to ensure your home is flawless before you move in.


Jewell Builds Homes, Not Houses

Another of the core principles and beliefs of Jewell Homes is that they do not just build houses – they build homes. There’s a big difference between the two! A house is simply a building. A home is where you spend holidays with friends and family and where your child learns to ride a bicycle. Homes are where happy memories are created, and beautiful stories are told while gathered around the fireplace.

Jewell Homes know that their clients have the desire and wish to have a home that is superior to all others. Customers of John and Jamie Jewell also understand that the best value may be significantly different than getting the lowest price. However, Jewell Homes will always exceed their clients’ expectations. Jewell Homes takes its time to go over every detail to make sure there are no oversights, and nothing is missed or forgotten.

You can rest easy knowing everything is covered, and your decisions are being implemented flawlessly to your specifications. Any time you’re not sure, all available options will be discussed. With the professional staff’s input, this will help you determine the best choice for everyone involved. Jewell Homes is dedicated to creating the perfect home for your family, no matter what style or size you desire.

They want to make sure that your experience in your new home is perfect. That’s why they offer all their clients the best products at a fair price, using the most experienced installers, and backed by the finest warranties.

The Best in Southeastern Wisconsin: More Reasons Why!

Jewell Homes is among the construction industry’s cream of the crop when it comes to convenience, high quality, honesty, reliability, and integrity. They lead the market in labor and product warranties because they will only partner with the best products and most excellent technicians in every industry.

Building a home is probably one of the most important investments you’ll ever make in your life. So, when you invest your finances and time with a construction company, you should be treated like the important clients you are! From start to finish, Jewell Homes makes sure that you get the ultimate 5-star home building experience.

Integrity is the foundation of Jewell Homes. Because John and Jamie mean what they say, they are confident of all of their guarantees. Sadly, confusion seems to be the norm in the building industry. But the Jewell Homes professional staff still believes that honesty is always the best policy.

Contact Jewell Homes today and begin your dream home!