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Punch List is necessary during new construction walk-throughs


Your newly constructed home is almost complete, but first, you need to do a walk-through and put together a punch list. However, what is a punch list and what is its purpose? Moreover, what should you look for as you tour your nearly finished home?


What Is a Punch List?

A punch list is a list of projects that need to be completed or items to be repaired before homeowners can take possession and move into their newly built home. An accurate punch list is essential so that the homeowner is satisfied with the finished product.

The owner, contractor, architect, and any subcontractors should walk through the house together to ensure the best review process. Multiple sets of eyes will safeguard that any remaining flaws or problems are caught and resolved.


The Walk Through

Reasonable or Unreasonable

As they walk through the house together, a list is made of what projects still need to be completed and what needs to be repaired or changed.

The architect makes sure the building matches the blueprints, and contractors determine whether repair issues are unreasonable or reasonable. This is crucial because there will be minor flaws in every home, and the contractor will decide whether the problem is feasible to fix or not. Minor imperfections may be paint spots on the plumbing pipes or a ding in the floor. More significant issues could be a room painted the wrong color, incorrect appliances, or a cracked walkway. When the punch list is complete, a final walk-through with the owner and contractor takes place. When the homeowner is happy – everyone is happy!


Punch List: What to Look For

As the new homeowner, do you know what to look for during a walk-through? Here is a list of things to be aware of so your new home is a dream and not a nightmare!

The Exterior

  • Paint, Brick, Stone – Is the exterior and trim paint smooth and uniformly covered on all surfaces? Is the brick or stone evenly placed?
  • Foundation – Does the ground around your house slope away from the foundation? Alternatively, does water puddle or pool next to it? Use a hose to check.
  • Doors and Windows – Do they stick? Any cracked glass? Open and close them and see if there’s a tight seal, weather stripping, and good locks.
  • The Roof – To inspect the roof from the ground, use binoculars. Are the shingles straight? Are they uniform, flat, and laid tightly together? Check the flashings and downspouts, too.

The Interior

  • Doors – Try all interior doors. Make sure they open and close properly.
  • Paint – Look at all walls, ceilings, closets, trim, etc. Make sure the color is correct and that it’s uniform, smooth, and no areas are needing a touch-up.
  • Flooring – Is the carpeting stretched properly? Are all floors level? Are the tile and wood floors the proper color and finish?
    Kitchen, Bathrooms, Laundry room – Do the appliances work? Are they what you ordered? Are the countertops and cabinets installed correctly? Look closely for imperfections or cracks. Does the plumbing work? Run water in the sinks, shower, and flush the toilets.
  • Electricity – Do all the outlets work? Use a hair dryer to test them. Are the light fixtures what you ordered?
  • Attic, Basement, Insulation – Does the attic or basement feel damp? Are there any leaks? Has the insulation appropriately been installed? Check the condition of beams, ductwork, pipes, etc.

Choosing the right home builder will not only give you peace of mind but also a very positive construction experience.

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