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Home and Lot Packages in Muskego, WI

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Have you and your family been thinking about building your custom dream home? Are you looking for plots of land and house designs? Be aware that buying an existing home in an established neighborhood differs from purchasing a lot and hiring a contractor to build your residence.

There are some fantastic home and lot packages in Muskego to consider. Read on to find out more.

What is a Home and Lot Package?

A home and lot package is ideal for buyers who want to purchase a plot of land and hire a contractor to build a house for them all in a single transaction. Many customers prefer this arrangement of buying a home and land simultaneously.

Fortunately for those who want something custom-built, builders and developers often work together to offer their clients “home and lot packages.” This means a client can choose an available lot within a subdivision and then find a floorplan design that they love with a preferred builder. No muss, no fuss.

Key Benefits of Home and Lot Packages

Plots of vacant land within the Milwaukee city limits are getting more difficult to locate and expensive. But check out the suburbs – new neighborhoods and subdivisions are popping up all over. Homeowners looking to buy are finding that home and lot packages in Muskego are not only desirable but also quite affordable.

One of the greatest benefits of buying a home and lot package is that you can choose your property and the ideal house design while working with a trusted builder. Combining the price of the land with the construction eliminates the hard work. No searching for and hiring a builder while also looking for the right piece of land.

In addition, the home builder has a relationship with the developer and has been vetted. The homebuyer can trust that the builder is honest and professional.

This kind of package deal is a great choice – especially for first-timers. To budget correctly, the future homebuyer can pay a set price for the land and structure together. Here are several more benefits to home and lot packages in Muskego.

  • It’s Convenient

Often, a couple or a family will buy a parcel of land from a developer. Then they have to research and locate a builder they are comfortable with. This can be a long and difficult process and may cost the buyer a lot of money and time.

Buying a home and lot package in Muskego simplifies the process of working with a different person at every step of the project. The client can work with one person who oversees the sale of land and the construction process.

The client must still approve the floor plan and house design, talk to the bank about financing, and select finishes and appliances. However, everything is more convenient when communicating with one project manager.

  • It’s Cost Effective

Purchasing a home and lot package may be less expensive than buying an existing one. There are sometimes unexpected expenses when purchasing an older structure. It may need a kitchen remodel, updated plumbing, roof repairs, etc.

When you build a home from the foundation up, you know that everything is brand new. The builder uses the most up-to-date building techniques and modern materials. A homeowner can save money by purchasing a home and lot package with a specific price and no surprises. There is a set budget, so the client knows exactly what everything will cost.

Homebuyers can save time and money when buying everything in one transaction.

  • Get What You Want

Buying a home and lot package means the freedom to choose the parcel you want and the house design to fit you and your family’s lifestyle best. Are you looking for a corner lot with more “elbow” room? Would you like a house closer to the front of the subdivision for easier access? Or do you prefer something on a quiet cul-de-sac? Choose your land and place your home on it for the best view, the cross breeze, or the ideal feng shui.

Do you want a ranch-style house or a 2-story home? Have you always preferred architecture with an Arts-and-Crafts touch or something more contemporary? Would you like a big front porch or a sprawling back deck?

The choice is yours.

Living in Muskego, WI

Muskego is located directly west of Milwaukee in Waukesha County. Residents can enjoy country living yet, have all the conveniences of an urban lifestyle within a 30-minute drive. It’s considered one of the best places to live in Wisconsin.

Muskego has a population of about 26,000, and most residents own their homes. More than 58% of households have children under age 18, so it’s the perfect place to make lifelong friends.

There are good restaurants and shopping, highly rated schools, and plenty of indoor and outdoor recreation. It’s a community with modest homes and farms mixed with many high-end neighborhoods.

Quiet streets and a variety of parks dot the Muskego area. Kids can safely ride their skateboards and bikes and play soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, and other activities all summer long.

Try snowmobiling, ice fishing, sledding, ice skating, or cross-country skiing during cold weather months.

Indoor Activities in Muskego

Suppose you and your family prefer indoor activities. In that case, Muskego also offers movie theaters, great libraries, arts and crafts classes, shopping centers, online programs, and more. During the school year, attend Muskego High School basketball games and swim meets, or go to orchestra and choir concerts. They are always open to the public.

Check out the Muskego Recreation Department and the Public Library. They offer many activities, events, and online and in-person educational programs for every age group.

Home and Lot Packages in Muskego – Kirkland Crossing

One of Muskego’s newest subdivisions, Kirkland Crossing, offers homebuyers 110 acres of rolling open land with 26 acres of mature woodlands. The land is divided into 139 lots, each approximately ½ acre in size.

Kirkland Crossing has a superior location in Muskego. It is conveniently located in the northeast corner of the community between Martin Drive and College Avenue. The subdivision is only four minutes from the I-43 on-ramp, which will take you to Milwaukee in less than 30 minutes.

Muskego homesites

The subdivision is bordered on the west by Park Arthur. This nearby park has walking trails, sledding hills, baseball diamonds, and more. Then, just a short 3-minute bike ride away is Idle Isle Park, which has water frontage on Little Muskego Lake. Play on the beach, go boating, swim, or fish from spring to fall.

Talk to Jewell Homes – the Preferred Builder for Kirkland Crossing

Because of the home and lot packages in Muskego, you and your family can finally find the perfect community to live in, the ideal plot of land, and a great custom builder. And you can have it all simultaneously – good for you!

Muskego-based and family-owned since 2005, Jewell Homes is one of the most respected home builders in southeastern Wisconsin. Founders John and Jamie Jewell strive to provide an enjoyable and positive customer experience from start to finish. Their staff believes everyone should be treated with respect, honesty, and integrity. They help give you the most out of your home-building experience without letting you feel overwhelmed. The staff is there to help clients choose countertops, cabinets, flooring, appliances, and more.

Most importantly, Jewell Homes’ professional staff provides every customer with open, continuous communication and uses the best products at a good price. John and Jamie hire only premium installers and offer the finest home and product warranties. They always work hard to meet customers’ wants and needs to build their forever home and make their customers’ dreams a reality.

Jewell offers different floor plans for choosing whether you want a ranch style, a 2-story house, or a first-floor main bedroom. They show their clients an array of floorplans to navigate the selection process and determine which home is perfect for their lifestyle and vision.

Jewell Homes’ clients understand the difference between the lowest price and the best value. In return, Jewell Homes will strive to exceed their customers’ expectations and build a superior dwelling to any other builder.

Deed Restrictions for Kirkland Crossing

Before settling on a final floor plan, it’s important to note some of the deed restrictions for this subdivision. They are:

  • Exterior walls shall be constructed of brick, stone, cedar, stucco, wood, fiber cement, or other high-quality natural materials.
  • Soffits should be Aluminum. And Fascia should be wood or composite. Gable ends shall have a rake molding. 
  • 20% stone on front elevation. 
  • There shall be consistent architectural use of building materials around all elevations of the home.
  • Not less than 1750 square feet for a one-story residence. 
  • Not less than 2200 square feet in total area for a two-story residence or story and one-half.
  • Steeper roof pitches are required. 8/12 unless approved by ACC.
  • 4″ or larger Trim boards or shutters are required on all windows, 6″ corner boards.
  • Outbuildings to be determined.
  • Front entry garages are allowed.
  • Long-term outside storage of work vehicles, boats, campers, trailers, etc., not permitted.
  • The ACC or his designated agent must approve all building plans, landscape plans, and exterior designs.
  • Above-ground swimming pools are not permitted.

With Jewell Homes as your custom builder and the home and lot packages in Muskego, you’ll get a stress-free construction experience. Have peace of mind knowing that your home is energy-efficient, well-built with high-quality products and finishes, and completely comfortable. Even better, it’s on budget!

Enjoy many years in your dream home with a home and lot package in Muskego. Contact Jewell Homes today and learn more about Kirkland Crossing.