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When pursuing new homes for sale, the location or neighborhood you choose should be as important as the house for sale you’re considering. Life changes and it’s imperative you consider your current and future needs when buying land and/or purchasing a new home.

Life evolves, and so do communities. You have to evaluate the many different aspects involved. First off, it’s best to assess yourself; what you enjoy, want and need. Examine the neighborhood, see if it feels comfortable and fits your lifestyle. A home is a purchase you will own for years to come. Therefore, you must ask detailed questions and do in-depth research.

Create a List of Questions

One of the first things to do is to create a list of questions; this should include a self-evaluation, your personal needs and all the information about the neighborhood you need to know to make your best choice.

Below is a sample list of topics you can use to ask questions about any neighborhood where you’ve located a home or a homesite of interest.

• Location
• Commute Time
• Local Amenities, Shopping, and Businesses
• Proximity to services (i.e., Healthcare)
• Recreational Activities
• School Districts
• Public Transportation
• Property Taxes
• Style of Homes
• Age of Construction
• Plans for Future development
• Vibrant Urban Pace or Softer Suburban Roll
• Building Codes for Any Potential Additions and Upgrades for Your Home
• Home associations requirements, covenants, or any rules that apply to that specific neighborhood.

Once you’ve picked a few possibilities, make sure to delve deeper and get the full feel of that particular area.

An excellent way to determine suitability is to use a points system. When evaluating a home or homesite, give it a point value for every desirable aspect you’re looking for. One point for fair, two points for good, three points for excellent. Add up the scores for each home, and you will see how that home rates on your personal scale. Of course, some things you want are more important and should be judged accordingly, location, for example.

Location is always paramount when choosing any real estate purchase, for obvious reasons. Look for livability in the style you want. Whether you enjoy the hustle of the city, the solace of country roads or a little bit of both, it is up to you to pick your best fit.Houses in suburbs

Consider commute time secondly when choosing the location of your home. Commuting to and from your new home to work, play or family visits will be a large part of how you spend your day. Some people love long drives, others prefer staying in, minimizing their time away from home. There are many types of communities that are built with different commute possibilities in mind;

Transit-oriented development clusters, in small communities – built for those without a vehicle or not so inclined to drive the distances between home, work, or any other destination.

Zero-lot line housing – neighborhoods created for those folks who are often away, be it work or leisure and, do not want to spend their time maintaining their property. For a small monthly fee, similar to a condominium, the outdoor upkeep is taken care of.

Suburbs – almost always consist of single family homes, or old world neighborhoods, where the most common living is done in multi-family dwellings. Often lived in by multiple generations of the same family.

Like any other purchase you make, the ultimate choice is yours. The selections are numerous and can seem overwhelming, but you can navigate through them successfully by doing all of your homework. You’re not only choosing a place to live, but that place is also picking you. The right area will speak to you, be patient it’s all out there waiting for you.

For more information on choosing the perfect location and the perfect home, contact Jewell Homes.

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